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Hello and many greetings from Lobenstein/Thuringia. Well made Website, wishes you still much success and further in such a way!





tube net is very good site to me


I have used Tubenet to find suppliers and buyers since early 2000. It helps me so much that I would not know how to continue my business if I do not read it everyday.

I hope many more manufacturers in China will know Tubenet.

I have to say that Tube Net is so much better than magazines. For 1 thing I always know where it is, I do not misplace it like a magazine. When I am looking for tube info, it is there and easy to find.

Thanks for the great site.



I have been iwth you now for many year and I have to keep on telling you the same thing "Great Job"

Season Greatings to all and a Happy New Year 2003

EDF Equipment Sales
Enrico Ferri

This is a great resource and very easy to navigate.
Keep up the good work.

John Earl Hayes

Thank you,
For creating a great resource for tube fabrication society.

tube net is very useful site<




Contact Mr. Raymond Etup (Chief Executive).

E-mail address

No doubt it is realy a great web site.

Its really fantastic. My job is so simple after using TubeNet. It is a boon to me. thanks to TubeNet.

MK Patham/Nuhas Oman LLC/Sultanate of Oman

An excellant site. Keep itup.


Cajoromi would like to offer our best wishes to this fine internet media avenue.




Dear All, I just bought Chomutov's large bore pipes thru a vendor in USA. I want to make sure that this pipes are pretty good to be used in project of gas compressor, so I was searching them by and found it in Tubenet. What a great site!

Hendi Agustiadi
Procurement Division
PT Rekayasa Industri, Jakarta Indonesia


Great Site.

Valuable and outstanding web sites with plentiful sources

very ok, good job keep it up.

Good Job done..It is my first visit and I like it....

Hi Friends at TubeNet

I have been using the Internet for years,and feel that your Site is just outstanding, I hope more people get lucky, like myself,and get using it on routine basis.


Andres E Dostal

An informative resource, presented in a no nonsense format!

Thanks F. (Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes)

Fantastic job done .. earlierdays would have taken weeks of work .. now i am able to finish in about 3 hours of browsing.

N R Rao
NR Associates
Engineering Consultants

I have now shared your site with all my colleagues. Excellent work!



Great help in finding supliers and specialty products

M. Kopecny
I & M Consulting

Nice and informative are two words I'd say best fit your site. It's nice to find information based on what I need and not just what some random search engine thinks I want. Kudos to you and all you offer. I liked it so much I put a link on our website.

Major Lee Back, Sr.
Electrical Engineer
Youngstown Tube Company

TubeNet is very useful site for our compeny.

Man singh

My first visit to your site. Very impressive how tubenet has reduced the world of tube to a single global source..

We are Mfgrs Reps, and we offer product related to material handling of coil and at the other end, AS/RS for tube. We seek more products that could be offered to this industry.... capital equipment, that is!

Thanks for being here! (May 15,2001 - Toronto)

Cool site !!! Thank's a lot for your job. A lot of necessary information.
By the way it could be usefull to add some information about coating material, welding joints protection and etc.
Best regards
I. G.

Excellent site and very informative. This is very useful for the people concerned.

This is very good site !!
It is too informative.I cannot value it in words.
I am thankful to you all staff of Tubenet for helping tube people and bringing them on one desk. My heartful regards to the great lady Juha Hapala for hardwork for this site.

Thanks again,
Bombay India

Dear TubeNet

I found your web site most refreshing and informative. I intend to use this site as a jump point to needed information and future requistions.

Best regards
Michael Melton
Operations Manager Chicago Pipe Bending & Coil Co.

Absolutely first class site. Keep up the good work.

Glad to have found this site! Is there a classification for me to join as a consultant to the Steel Tube & Pipe Industry?

I plan to browse & search through the machinery manufacturers offerings. Believe I have found a couple of good products today for projects I am working on.

Bill Marsh
Marsh Project Services

wow....!!!!! WHAT A GREAT SITE IT WAS...

Site has been very useful in locating potential equipment vendors.

Larry Page
Cool City, INC.
10655 Mincral Wells Hwy.
Cool, TX 76088
TEL 940 682 4900 x12FAX 940 682 4405

Dear Juha,

it has been a pleasure to have worked with you these last 3 years - your site is a pleasure to work with. our contacts have grown and our business has grown. I know that as a business you have also started to see some "light at the end of the tunnel". I can truely recomend your site as a very sucessful one for business on the net.

KIP Cole

Our company provides services to tube producers and machinery OEMs.

I like the format of the TubeNet web-site and am eager to share technical articles with our industry peers. I see that many of our customers are already registered with your site which means that you have shown value to many key players in the industry.

Paul Kochan

Dear TubeNet,

We are manufacturer of precision steel tube and tube components.

I have visted your web-site, its really very informative and helpfull to the Business community,who are involved with Pipes Business.

With Best Regards

George Masarra

Looking for source for used tube machinery. Found loads of info here.


Tubenet is the best recource for information I need in this industry. I even notice some names I recognized from personal local and international business dealings.

What a great site!..........I have just received a job offer through your site

Thanks a lot!

Keep-up the good work!!!

Rgds Jaison

Many thanks for your interessiting site. We´re a steel tube manufacturer. My interest is in threading machine from 2 1/2"to 6" ( BSP and NPT ).

I am interestead to know about copper pipe/tube machines. At this stage, I am collecting information preparing for establishment a factory. It is really a great chance to find such site that can help in this field.

I came across your site by accident and was so glad as I had been looking for 'steel tube' 'steel tubing' and getting nothing about tubes. I dint recall which search engine listed you but I am very grateful. I have been able to contact a number of suppliers world wide who have shown an interest in suppling a tube part to 'Down Under.'

Best regards.
Daryl Norrish.
Air International.
Port Melbourne.

I enjoyed the variety and high quality of the site.

Ed Cassidy, Engineer, User of products shown

Hip Hip Hooray. I do believe its my birthday on finding this site.

Vincent UK.

Many thanks for your interessiting site. We´re a manufacturer for fuel and break lines. My interest is in rawmaterial copper coated steel strip and stripes for welded tube.


Stephan J. Jedele

Siebe Automotive (Deutschland) GmbH
Purchasing manager(Steel, tube and strip)

Dear TubeNet,

Great site to visit. Honestly, I never knew there was so much interest from the world over in tubes and pipes. After all, without tubes and pipes we would still be living in the dark ages.

Thanks you for your insight.

Francis Godinho

Dear Tube and Pipe Club,

I represent, the premier online forum for container related information. I really like what you've done within the bounds of the tube and pipe realm. Though the layman might scoff at a site dedicated to tubes and pipes, or tubs and pots for that matter, I'm aware of obvious necessity for your site, because it, much like unites an otherwise divided world of enthusiasts and professionals.



Dear Sir/Madam,

I am pleased to see a site on my favourite subject -Tube making.

I had been trying to get idea of such a site since last 3 months. Neverthless, I have found it yesterday.

I thank all your staff,yourself for creating such nice communication media to all tube and pipe makers and others.

i wish you and your staff all the best !

Ajay S.Bhagwat.

dear sirs,

i do thank you for giving me the chance to express my deep respect and admiration about your effort for creation such a benefit tool to all tubers in the world. i love tubes and tube-net.

thank you again,

khaled mostafa

great site !
i surfed for almost 2 hrs, very informative.
keep it up !

Ajay S.Bhagwat

Great site, very informative. We are a steel pipe and tube distributor throughout North America.


Hi dear,

We really appreciate your great work on contributing to the industry. We will be one of your member in the supplers list soon, once we finished construting our website.

Best regards,

Dear Mr.Juha Haapala

Your site has become a real SOURCE of information for all those involved in the business of tubes and pipes.Each new edition or update of the site shows more and better information.Congratulations and wishes of continuous success.

Gustavo Schiuma (Trader)

it looks good... very informative and wiht a deep focus on the subject...

good work.. keep it up..

Anil Prasad

Excellent website - very informative and a 'sourcing' must.

David Millard
Purchasing - Haden Drysys Int'l Group

My name is Peter Angelico from A Bending Company. We have been a subscriber to your wonderful site for 3 years now and I must say that it keeps getting better and better. Recently we have had a number of enquiries for our services from people who have found our listing on the tubenet site, I am very grateful for these enquiries.

Peter Angelico
A Bending Company Pty Ltd

It's a great tool for sourcing piping materials

HR te H

excellent site--well designed.keep it up



I am a trader of seamless stainless steel tube."Tubenet" gave me useful help. I hope to meet more friends on "Tubenet" line.

Ronk Shi

Great !!! A very complete site, well exposed and with a big variety of informations.

best regards
Fiseco srl/Maurizio Bellani

We are very please to have a chance to explor the Best Tube Net ever.


Your site is very much interesting and we could get the whole details which we required throghout the world. Just keep on giving us information about the tubes & pipes

Your webpage is wonderful.

Thank you very much. I have met many friends all over the world by TubeNet, and have many successfully businesses with these friends. Thank you again for your good work.
Zhang Rui

I am very happy to see Tubenet grow in this very unique way. I have been dealing with them for years now and they are very professional and nice to deal with.

Enrico Ferri

Acknowledge notice that our change on Tubenet registration had been posted. We are always full of appreciation to your web specially to all your efforts. Thank you! Tubenet is a window links all work men for tube and fabrication industry. We feel it's like a family gathering all members to talk,to discuss,to get opportunities,to be more closely. It's typical on behalf of the advantage of Internet which whenever we talked,we had to mention Tubenet.

With Best Regards
"Mr .Y"

I am happy to see tubenet ; I am sure it is going to help me alot in many respects

Congratulations an s superb Web Site for those of us in the Tube and Pipe Industry.
All the Best,

I've been with many thanks to Tubenet provides us a great chance for promoting our products. Thanks for all your efforts in Tubenet. If we can do sth for you,pls let us know,vise versa. We think should work together to promote world economics. Do you agree?

Thanks and Best Regards "Yu"

Dear Sir,
I almost see your TubeNet everyday to find some valueable information.

"Cheng" Feb 19.2000

Tubenet is a wonderful tool for traders.
Best regards,
Miroslav Stanimirov

I'm a Chemical Enginneering student looking for some rather specific data for a project. Your site was a great help.
Thanks from my entire team,

We are manufacturer of stainless steel pipes/tubes. We thank you for your work on the Tubenet. It's one of the websites which I visit.
Denny Lee (I/E Manager of Zhejiang Jiuli Group Co.,Ltd, China)

WE manufacture tube assemblies for military aicraft, rockets and spacecraft. This web site is just what I was looking for. The only way to expand on our knowledge of "tube science" is through sharing information. Thanks
Ray H. HB. CA.

We are into manufacturing of Wire Rope Machinary and I was lookin' for a rare product throughout the yellow pages and white pages over the internet but in total vein; but your site has really come up for me and WOW!I found what I was lookin for within a matter of dayz through your comprehensive site management!
Thankz a tonn and keep it up.

I joined your list a long time ago. I have gotten good responses from it. Thank you,

Dear Juha Haapala:

Thank you for your reply. We think is the BEST in tube industry

Best regards,

The information provided in this site is complete and correct. I think as far as the Tube Industry is concerned, it is the very best available

We are an exporter in steel tube line, thanks for your useful site for tube industries. Wish you better tomorrow.

First of all congratulation for your site. Finally I was able to find out what I was looking for!


I am a current subscriber to your wonderful website and have been for 2-3 years. This site is getting better and better, congratulations. This email is to let you know that I have changed my internet provide and my new email address..... I would be grateful if you could change the address for your records for all newletters sent in the future.

Once again, well done on a fantastic website.


We have received several communications from companies
after seeing us on your site. It is a good location for us and
worth the cost.


We have procured approximately $500,000 worth of pipe through you and would like...


I am very impressed with the great work you have done in setting
up this web site for those of us in the tube and pipe industry.


We am very glad to receive your tube digest free of cost, it
certainly will us a lot. It gives us lots of information & knowledge.


Thanks again,
Your site is quiet helpful for us

Juha, you're doing a fine job. Keep of the good work!

Hi Juha,
Just wanted to let you know that I did not even know my company
was even listed with you, but am delighted with the response I
have been receiving!! So far, I have had enquiries from India,
Pakistan, Argentina, Philippines and more. Thank you for your
excellent work and keep it up!!


Thank you for our entry in your directory. We have had
around 6 enquiries from abroad which is what we are looking

Thank you once again for such a useful service.


We are receiving periodically your e-mail and we thank you for that.
It has been very usefu for us.

I was just reading the TubeNet monthly digest, It was a good idea to
split it up. As usual you have got all things well under control, thank
you so much for your efforts.


Hello Juha,

its been quite some time since our last email-contact.

Thank you for your invitation to join the Tubenet-mailing list which
I did imediately. I visited you Website and was very impressed.
Although it looks like it is a little dominated by the US I found
interesting information. I am sure I will be using the website and the
mailing list a lot.

Hi there,

We have a new email address that I'd like to update on your website. The new address should be.......
Thanks for providing us with this great site!


I have visted your web-site, its really very informative and helpfull to the Business community, who are involved with Pipes Business.

I have been using you site for quite a while now. I believe it to be
very informative for everyone in the tubing industry.


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